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Domains & DNS

NS records cause both the usual additional section processing to locate a type A record, and, when used in a referral, a special search of the zone in which they reside for glue information. The NS RR states that the named host should be expected to have a zone starting at owner name of the specified class. Note that the class may not indicate the protocol family which should be used to communicate with the host, although it is typically a strong hint. For example, hosts which are name servers for either Internet (IN) or Hesiod (HS) class information are normally queried using IN class protocols.
CNAME the canonical name for an alias. A <domain-name> which specifies the canonical or primary name for the owner. The owner name is an alias. CNAME RRs cause no additional section processing, but name servers may choose to restart the query at the canonical name in certain cases.
TXT Records are text strings. TXT-DATA One or more <character-string>s. TXT RRs are used to hold descriptive text. The semantics of the text depends on the domain where it is found.
MX – mail exchange for the purposes of message routing, the system stores RRs known as MX RRs. Each MX matches a domain name with two pieces of data, a preference value (an unsigned 16-bit integer), and the name of a host. The preference number is used to indicate in what order the mailer should attempt deliver to the MX hosts, with the lowest numbered MX being the one to try first.
The SRV RR allows administrators to use several servers for a single domain, to move services from host to host with little fuss, and to designate some hosts as primary servers for a service and others as backups.
DNS Resolvers are servers on the Internet which use the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol [TXT, 120 KB] to retrieve information from authoritative servers and return answers to end-user applications. They’re often found in enterprise and ISP networks, and there are a number of public resolver services provided by people like Google and OpenDNS. It’s also possible to configure your own computer to be a resolver, or to deploy your own in your own network using free software like ISC BIND9 and NLNet Labs’ unbound.


What is the difference between Google Workspace and Google’s free apps?

With Google Workspace, you’ll receive a number of additional business-grade services not included with Google’s free consumer apps. These services include: custom business email @yourcompany, twice the amount of cloud storage across Gmail and Drive, 24/7 phone and email support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime on business email, interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, additional security options like two-step authentication and SSO, and administrative controls for user accounts.

reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse without creating friction.

reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to keep malicious software from engaging in abusive activities on your website. Meanwhile, legitimate users will be able to login, make purchases, view pages, or create accounts and fake users will be blocked.

Find or recover a file

If you can’t find files in Google Drive, you can use these tips to try to recover them. If you think that someone accessed your Google Drive without your permission, we recommend taking steps to make your account more secure.

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